About Us

We Design Gloves. Soccer Shapes Lives.
We Design Gloves. Soccer Shapes Lives.

Dedicated To The Fighting Spirit Of Soccer
Moms and Dads

A soccer dad supported his son a goalkeeper by coming to games and practices, while keeping his uniforms clean and his cleats and gloves in good repair.

Only problem was that his son’s children’s-sized goalkeeper’s gloves needed to be replaced frequently, due to poor craftsmanship. The dad researched the market for a quality brand at a fair price and came up empty handed.

Undefeated, the dad decided to study the architecture of goalkeeper gloves, in hopes of providing quality options to his son and other soccer-loving kids with the courage to stand in goal.

The outcome produced affordable, well-crafted, professional goalkeeper gloves that compete with the biggest brands in sports. This is how Elite Sport and an elite product line was born.

Soccer Dad, Founder and CEO

Yaron Daniel, soccer dad, founder and CEO, is the chief architect of Elite Sport goalkeeper gloves.

His journey introduced him to a profession he’d never prepared for and to corners of the Earth where he never dreamed he’d do business, where he forged relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors who share his vision.

Our Vision

Elite Sport’s vision is to provide durable, professional quality sports equipment at prices affordable to players of all ages worldwide, to ensure that skill and quality – and not price – will determine the outcome of the match.