Design To Fit Your Form…and Your Fire
Design To Fit Your Form…and Your Fire

Elite Aqua H

With just a splash of green on these blue and white gloves, Elite Aqua H features a unique wet-weather-specific latex, devised by Elite Sport specifically for those rainy days in the net. For all-weather performance, just dampen the gloves for the ultimate grip. With its 3D-embossed Shock Zone, this is an outstanding premier-level game and practice glove.

4 mm Elite EsTec 5005-B latex for exceptional grip with 4 mm of backing foam.

Palm Cut
Hybrid cut with double wrapped thumb.

3D-embossed, 4 mm durable BGS latex + 4 mm reinforced backing foam on the Shock Zone + Air Ventilation Management AVM™ fabric.

Finger Support
4 removable finger spines for extra finger support.

Wrist Closure
10 cm wide elastic wristband and 360 degrees, 7 cm wide latex wrist strap.

Premier level game and practice glove.

For all weather conditions. Best when the palm is kept damp and in wet conditions.

Available in sizes 7-11.



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