Design To Fit Your Form…and Your Fire
Design To Fit Your Form…and Your Fire

Elite Aztlan

Elite Aztlan are high-performance goalkeeper gloves from Elite Sport, at a very reasonable price! Elite Aztlan features a great balance of grip and durability for both game and practice. The backhand is based on an ancient Aztec design making this glove truly a work of art!

4 mm of Elite Control NB latex for excellent grip and 4 mm of backing foam.

Palm Cut
NRoll cut with a wrapped thumb. Air Ventilation Management AVM™ stitched into the finger gussets.

4 mm durable PS latex + 4 mm reinforced backing foam on the Shock Zone + Air Ventilation Management AVM™ fabric.

Finger Support
5 removable finger spines for extra finger support.

Wrist Closure
10 cm wide elastic wristband and 360 degree, 9 cm wide latex wrist strap.

High School, college and pre-professional level game and practice glove.

This latex performs well in all weather.

Available in sizes 5-11.



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