Design To Fit Your Form…and Your Fire
Design To Fit Your Form…and Your Fire

Elite Rainbow

4 mm of Elite Control MB latex for exceptional grip with 3 mm of backing foam. Lined with moisture-absorbing fabric to keep hands comfortable and to prevent slipping.

Palm Cut
Semi Speed Cut – Negative cut with wrapped thumb and Semi all-around latex wrap on index and pinky fingers.

3D-embossed, 4 mm durable rubber on foamed Neoprene.

Finger Support
No extra finger support. Tight-fitting Neoprene and latex wrap help reduce impact.

Wrist Closure
Integral overlap wristband.

Caters to goalkeepers of all ages and levels who brave the wind and cold, rain and snow to Stick to Their Goal!

Excellent for use especially in cold and/or wet weather, but suitable for all weather play.

Available in sizes 6-11.

*Note Straightening the ILY fingers represents the words “I Love You” in American Sign Language.



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