Design To Fit Your Form…and Your Fire
Design To Fit Your Form…and Your Fire

Elite Solo

Elite Solo goalkeeper gloves are one of the best values for money in the soccer market – featuring superior grip Elite Control latex on the palm and an elegant, padded colorway on the Shock Zone. Ideal for use in the summer, goalkeepers enjoy a great-fitting glove with AVM™ ventilation in the fingers.

4 mm of Elite Control MW latex for superior grip plus 4 mm of backing foam.

Palm Cut
Roll finger cut, with double wrapped thumb.

4 mm durable GS latex + 4 mm reinforced backing foam on the Shock Zone + Air Ventilation Management AVM™ fabric.

Finger Support
4 removable finger spines for extra finger support.

Wrist Closure
10 cm wide elastic wristband and 6-line stretch strap.

High school, college and premier level game and practice glove.

All weather gloves. Perform best when the palm is kept damp.

Available in sizes 6-11.



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