Widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Thibaut Courtois, displayed a remarkable comeback after his lengthy injury break. The Belgian and Real Madrid’s star goalkeeper, performed magnificently in the UEFA Champions League finals against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley with 0-2 scores.

After the interval, Courtois played four matches in La Liga and one in the Champions League. His exceptional skills and form granted him the position in the Champion’s League final match in place of Andriy Lunin, who also performed admirably during Courtois’ absence. Real Madrid is brimming with confidence after the Belgian’s skillful return to the team and is preparing for the upcoming leagues.


Courtois’ Achievements

This is not the first time when Courtois ensured a victory for Real as he produced a memorable performance in the 2022 Champions League with nine invincible saves to deny Liverpool in Paris. It was Real Madrid’s record-breaking 14th European title with a 1-0 win. Courtois was also named the Player-of-the-match in that year’s Champions League.

Other amazing fits that the Real Madrid goalkeeper attained are his appearance in La Liga career and the number of clean sheets. According to recent data, the Belgian goalkeeper appeared 281 times in La Liga matches and kept a total of 127 clean sheets. He has several awards, such as

  • Belgian Sportsman of the Year 2014
  • Best FIFA Goalkeeper 2018
  • IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper 2018,2022, to name a few.

He also attained the Premier League Golden Glove 2016-17 and the FIFA World Cup Golden Glove 2018 among several others.

Football is a rough sport which makes appropriate use of apparel significant. Abrasions such as jammed, sprained, and fractured fingers are inevitable for a goalkeeper in the sport.

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Thibaut is known for his exceptional skills in judging the position of a ball kicked to score a goal. His amazing ability to capture the spheres earned him nicknames such as The Wall, Hunter, The Octopus, and many others.

Why Thibaut prefers Elite Goalkeeper Shops over others?

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Courtois wore Elite Sports Revolution II Combi Black Goalkeeper Gloves by ELITE SPORT during the Champions League match that displayed the choice of the best in the field.

Thibaut Courtois and the dreams of the future

The commendable performances of the Belgian goalkeeper acquired him numerous fans and admirers across the globe. His participation in major leagues and competitions under elite clubs like Real Madrid and Chelsea boosted his popularity in the soccer world.

After a great run at Atletico Madrid, in 2018, Thibaut secured a $45 million transfer to Real Madrid. His current contract base salary in Real Madrid is $10 million per year, which increases up to $15 million annually after receiving a bonus. This makes Courtois the highest-paid goalkeeper in football.

Already acknowledged as one of the premier keepers in football, Courtois has several years left to continue his performance. His outstanding reflexes, consistency, and reach suggest that Thibaut can easily stretch his world-class performance in his 30s like other legendary players. However, it all depends on his health and form that will support him to perform in competitions.

Courtois, under the wings of Real Madrid, has attained achievements like the record of nine clean sheets in a single Champions League season (2021-22 against Liverpool), and quickest keeper to 50 clean sheets among 87 matches in Real Madrid history.

He also emerged as one of just six goalkeepers to win the Golden Glove in multiple World Cups. These achievements with his thrilling comeback with the help of ELITE SPORT in the Champions League and his contribution to his club’s 15th European title emit high expectations from his fans.